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[lecture] Philosophy - MACAT
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Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions about the nature of reality, human existence, knowledge values and beauty.
The term philosophy stems from ancient Greek.
It literally means love of wisdom.

Philosophers seek wisdom because they want to know how to live a good life, what happiness really consists of, what is right and wrong and how best run a society.
All these questions fall under the branch of philosophy called ethics.

To answer such ethical questions, philosophers try to understand what human beings are.
They look at what makes us different from other things and what the nature of reality is really like.
They ask what is there and is there a god?
And these problems are termed mataphysics.

Of course it's really not that simple.
In order to claim any knowledge about reality about oneself or it is right and wrong, philosophers also investigate how your really know something and how real knowledge differs from mere opinion.
This is the domain known as epistomology.

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